Below is the price list for piercings and tattoos. Additional piercings (same person, same piercing session are deeply discounted.) After all - Piercings are like potato chips; very few people want just one! 🙂

You will notice prices have changed. This is due to Covid-19 economy. Prices have been increased due to the almost doubling of medical supply prices, in addition to the steep increase of bio-compatible metal costs.

Payment is required at the time of service. Dynamic Piercing and Tattoo accepts Cash, Credit Cards or Debit Cards. We DO NOT accept Checks! No exceptions!

Prices include Piercing, BASIC jewelry (premium jewelry available for additional cost), and Aftercare.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the prices of my services and jewelry prices, if you are paying by credit card or debit card, the processing machine automatically adds 4% in addition to the total price. I cannot change that. It is through the credit card processing company. If you pay by cash, you will not be charged the additional 4%.

Per Tri-County Health Dept. Reg. #9-904 (d); All jewelry is regulation ASTM standard that meets bio-compatibility requirements.

All piercings unless listed below. Price is ALL-INCLUSIVE! Piercing, Basic Jewelry and Aftercare. $56
ADD ADDITIONAL TRADITIONAL PIERCINGS - <SAME Person, SAME Piercing Session>(earlobe, eyebrow, lip, rim cartilage, <No genital or nipple> etc... $30
Navel piercing $60
Nipples 1 nipple - $70 Both nipples - $110
Tragus; Conch; Industrial; Rook; Snug; Shen Men; Daith; Etc...and other technical ear cartilage besides traditional or Industrial. $60
Industrial $65 - Both sides $99
Tongue $60
Medusa $60
Clitoral Hood $100.00
Labia $90 Each Additional $40
Male - Hafada or Frenum (If you act disrespectfully, you will be charged full price and required to leave without your piercings!) I DO NOT TOLERATE INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR! $90 Each Additional $40
Jewelry (Navel, Nose, Earrings, Barbells, Curves, Hoops, Plugs, Beads, ETC...) Prices starting at $3 for beads and go up from there.
Tattooing (see below for information regarding touch-up pricing, no shows, rescheduling) $145 per hour $100 shop minimum

PLEASE NOTE: Please be absolutely certain if you are bringing in a child for ear piercing that they are ready to follow through. If they back out, there will be a $50 cancellation fee.

Tattoo touch-ups: NO NEW OR TOUCH UP APPOINTMENTS ARE BEING TAKEN AT THIS TIME. If you purchase tattoo aftercare here, touch ups will be done at no charge for a period of 6 months. Full price for touch ups after 6 months or if you choose to use a different aftercare product than what I carry.

$50 or $100 (depending on the tattoo) TATTOO DEPOSITS ARE TAKEN TO RESERVE SPECIFIC DATE AND TIME. THEY ARE NON REFUNDABLE; NON TRANSFERABLE AND YOU CANNOT RESCHEDULE WITHOUT REPAYMENT. (However, the deposit goes towards the quoted price of the tattoo.)

Call for Piercing Appointment or Tattoo Consultation 303-663-5602