Payment is required at the time of service. Dynamic Piercing and Tattoo accepts Cash, Credit Cards or Debit Cards. We DO NOT accept Checks! No exceptions!

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the prices of my services and jewelry prices, if you are paying by credit card or debit card, a 4% convenience fee is in addition to the total price. It is automatically added on by the machine when I process your card. If you pay by cash, you will not be charged the additional 4%.

Tattooing (see below for information regarding touch-up pricing, no shows, rescheduling)) $145 per hour $85 minimum
Piercings $55 each or 2 for $75 (same person, same piercing session) (Ear lobe piercings count as 2 piercings. They are 2 holes, 2 pieces of jewelry.)
Jewelry (Navel, Nose, Earrings, Barbells, Curves, Hoops, Plugs, Beads, ETC...) Prices starting at $3 for beads and go up from there.

If you are wanting more than one piercing (same person, same piercing session), each additional piercing is just $20! So, one piercing would be $55. Two piercings (same person, same piercing session) $75, Three piercings (same person, same piercing session) $95, etc...

Piercing price is all inclusive and includes the piercing, the jewelry and the aftercare!

PLEASE NOTE: Please be absolutely certain that if you are bringing in a child for ear piercing that they are ready to follow through. Many kids get here, get scared and back out. I spend a lot of time on paperwork, education, etc...FOR THIS REASON: If your child backs out and does not want the piercing because they are "too scared", there will be a $40. The fee covers time spent on education and preparation. The education provided is very valuable. Additionally, it is an appointment spot that could have gone to someone who truly wants a piercing.

As far as charges for tattoo touch-ups; if you choose to use a product other than the one I carry, I cannot do free touch-ups. If you use the tattoo ointment that I carry, I will do free touch-ups on your tattoo for a period of 6 months. After that, there will be a charge for touch-ups. The reason for this is because...people tend to ignore their tattoos. Not use sunscreen on them and the skin naturally changes and exfoliates. Therefore the tattoos can change and fade simple due to changes in the skin.

IF YOU DON'T SHOW UP FOR YOUR TATTOO APPOINTMENT, or you show up late and need to be rescheduled or you give me less than 48 hours notice that you can't make it, you forfeit your deposit. If you need to reschedule for some reason and give me less than 48 hours notice, you forfeit your deposit.

Once I have designed/drawn the tattoo, even if you give me at least 48 hours notice, the tattoo deposit is not refundable.

Call for Piercing Appointment or Tattoo Consultation 303-663-5602