FIRST, I say this all the time...and it is the most important statement I make to people about piercings:

"Piercings are easy to take care of. LEAVE THEM ALONE!" Debbie J. (Me!)

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Although the state has no requirement of age for piercing or tattooing, the following guidelines apply at Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo:

18 years and up... Bring your state issued drivers license or state issued identification card or passport or military ID. When you are 18 and over, you must present a valid government issued identification. It is the LAW. We cannot use student ID's and birth certificates or expired ID's. Please DON'T argue with me over identification requirements! It won't make a difference. I still will not perform body modifications without the proper identification!! I FOLLOW HEALTH DEPARTMENT REGULATIONS TO A "T"!!

You must be 18 years and up for any genital and/or nipple piercings.

Any child under the age of 12 can only get ear lobe piercings or ear cartilage. 13 years and up for all other ear piercings, facial piercings such as nose, lip, eyebrow, etc…and also navel piercings.

If a child arrives with their parent to the studio and shows any sign of disrespect to the parent or to Debbie such as demanding behavior, or the child ignores Debbie during the piercing education, the piercing service will be refused! Parent must be present with minor under the age of 18.

Indentification Requirements for under 18 years old:

Both parent and child must provide legal identification. The parent must have a valid state issued identification such as a driver’s license (not the paper, it must be the plastic with the picture). The child must also provide identification such as a picture permit or driver’s license AND the last names AND addresses for both parent and child must match on the ID’s. A valid passport OR military ID is also acceptable.

You must also bring with you the state issued copy of the birth certificate for the child as well. This is because a step parent cannot sign for the child. It must be the actual parents. If the child DOES NOT YET have a state issued ID such as listed above, they may bring in their current student identification and must also have the state issued copy of their birth certificate.

If there is a guardianship situation, where the child lives with a legal guardian instead of the parent; stamped, registered court paperwork must accompany the above stated picture identification. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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