I am NOT taking any new tattoo appointments at this time. I do not have a date or time of when I will open tattoo appointments.

Tattooing Information

FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT!!!: Please don't bring anyone to your scheduled appointment with you. People are DISTRACTING!!! That's just the way it is. Tattooing requires concentration! It is serious business. It's not a time for partying and laughter and people in and out, smoking or whatever. It is YOUR tattoo!! Do you want it the best it can be? DON'T BRING FRIENDS, BOYFRIENDS, SIBLINGS, Etc... And ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN!!

If more than one person is scheduled for a tattoo with you, the other person or people will be asked to sit QUIETLY in the waiting area.

When coming in for your scheduled tattoo appointment, please have something nutritious to eat and drink before arriving for your actual tattoo appointment. This helps stabilize your blood sugar. 

A tattoo consultation is required prior to the tattoo appointment. This gives me the time I need to draw or design your tattoo. At the consultation, we will discuss your design, placement; cost, and if you would like, you can schedule your tattoo appointment at that time.

If you would like to schedule your tattoo appointment when you are in studio for your consultation, you will be asked to provide either a $50 or $100 non-refundable deposit (depending on the tattoo). It is good to be prepared for this during your consultation, as I won't schedule an appointment for tattooing without a deposit.

The deposit will go toward the cost of the tattoo at the time of appointment.

Please note: I do not draw tattoos until a deposit is paid and an appointment set.

$50 or $100 (depending on the tattoo) TATTOO DEPOSITS ARE TAKEN TO RESERVE SPECIFIC DATE AND TIME. THEY ARE NON REFUNDABLE; NON TRANSFERABLE AND YOU CANNOT RESCHEDULE WITHOUT REPAYMENT. (However, the deposit goes towards the quoted price of the tattoo.)

When you arrive for your tattoo appointment; we will go through the final steps of the design and then set up and get started. PLEASE UNDERSTAND: Even if your tattoo is one ¼” line…you will be here a minimum of at least 30 minutes. Tattoos are not a matter of walking in the door, going straight to the work area and putting the tattoo on you.

There is a LOT of preparation in setting up for the tattoo.

You will be quoted a price for your tattoo at your consultation. The price will never be lower than that quoted. But if the tattoo takes significantly more time than expected, there will be an additional charge. 

VERY IMPORTANT: I will NOT rush through a tattoo. Please don’t plan other appointments or set an appointment time where you will have to be in a hurry. I WILL NOT HURRY THROUGH A TATTOO!

Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo will NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 18



Call for Piercing Appointment or Tattoo Consultation 303-663-5602