While it is fine to bring someone with you when you arrive for your piercing or tattoo, please limit the number of people to no more than two or three. Two is preferred. The space is small and when you add more personalities, the dynamics of the experience changes. Additionally, tattooing requires concentration and attention to detail. When there are a lot of people going back and forth, being loud, laughing, going in and is very disruptive. It's your tattoo! You want it as great as it can be!


When coming in for a piercing or tattoo, it is very beneficial to have something substansial to eat before arriving. People do much better and reduce the chances of having a vagel episode when they eat prior to getting tattooed and pierced.


When coming in for a piercing or tattoo, or even if you are accompanying a friend or family member...Please DO NOT WEAR ANY PERFUMES OR OTHER SCENTED ITEMS!

While many people enjoy their perfumes and scented lotions, etc..., not everyone thinks they smell good. Additionally, many people have very serious allergies to perfumes and scented items. I, myself am dreadfully allergic to Patchouli. It sends me in to a serious asthma attack.

Sometimes people get light headed or have a vagel response when getting a piercing or tattoo. Perfumes and scents can be very disturbing to them.

Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.